Every fleet has breakdowns. The longer you work in the trucking industry, the more you come to understand that even when your fleet is perfectly maintained, you’ll still have to deal with the inevitable.

Breakdown’s suck, but there are ways to make them suck less. It may seem like a no-brainer but using your route of travel effectively is one of the easiest and most impactful ways you can affect the outcome of your breakdown events, turning potentially major delays into minor inconveniences. But how? What are the steps that actually go into effectively using and planning around your driver’s routes?

As promised, I’m here to offer you some simple advice on “Making Breakdowns SUCK…LESS. So here is my first tip; ‘using your route of travel’. Here are a few simple strategies that can be implemented into your day-to-day operations. After all, when you plan ahead, you skip the headache.

1. Know your driver’s route; weather/traffic patterns, road conditions, and construction work may affect ETA’s and access to driver                   accommodations and roadside assistance.

2. Be pro-active; search for dealers and mechanical vendors along your driver’s route of travel BEFORE they leave - and set up an account !

3. Know where the tire and vendors are - even the location of National Account Dealers - general repair shops are unlikely to assist with tire     issues.

4. Advise your drivers to keep their dispatchers updated on any changes made to their pre-planned route to allow time to source potential   vendors along new route.

Keeping your team prepared for the unknown at all times can be overwhelming regardless of your fleet’s size. That’s why I founded Canxxus, so you don’t have too. With our extensive vendor network spanning all across North America, no matter where your routes take your drivers you’ll always have a team on stand-by with the right tools, the right connections and the knowledge to use them effectively.

Getting Drivers Home


Until next time,

Kirk T.