From cradle to grave, we manage your fleet.

Our experienced team and years of knowledge allow us to provide optimum value from fleet assets by leveraging standard processes, mechanical expertise and technology. The goal? Turn your fleet into a competitive advantage.

Data is valuable but often useless in its raw form. Transform your data into actionable intelligence and make informed decisions. Information for every action taken on your assets, is recorded and accessible at all times. At a glance, know what units in your fleet are being serviced, at anytime of day, any day of the week.

Full Maintenance Services Include:

  • Managing PM (preventative maintenance) intervals and compliance reporting.
  • Manage any special campaign
  • Manage maintenance on specialty equipment (tailgate, under-loaders, cranes etc.)
  • National Account Programs
  • Negotiated rates with vendors
  • Estimate review by a team of technical experts
  • Vendor invoice review
  • Warranty recovery & policy negotiations


A highly knowledgeable team of technical experts are protecting your investments. Tracking warranty, repairs, and negotiating policy can be difficult, and time consuming. We work closely with OEM’s to track general vehicle, but more importantly, specific part warranty. Part warranty is one of the most overlooked opportunities for cost recovery. We don’t stop there; on your behalf, we go to bat for you, arguing for policy coverage where ever possible.
You’re leaving money on the table, we get it back.
Fleet Management | T-Track

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