The holidays are quickly approaching, and often times that means things get busy. From travelling to be with friends and loved ones, to finishing your shopping, or even figuring out what to bring to that family potluck, we know that many people can find themselves overwhelmed during this time of year. We wanted to help alleviate some of that seasonal stress! With a few tips, tricks, and even a couple of great recipes, you can create your perfect holiday plan.


Getting your shopping done is one of the biggest (and most time consuming) parts of many peoples’ holiday preparations. Making your shopping list (and finding the best places to hide the gifts!), helping little ones write out their letters to Santa or finding the perfect secret Santa gift for your office mate, time can to quickly feel like its running out. Not only do we often feel the pressure of time, but malls and stores can become a nightmare to visit, from the parking, to the crowds inside. It can be a lot to handle, but don’t panic, we have some tips to help keep you organized this season.

  1. Make an action plan for your shopping list. Trying to getting everyone crossed off at once can be overwhelming, and expensive. Dedicate each shopping trip to one or two people over a few weeks
  2. Try visiting your shopping locations during off peak hours, like week day evenings.
  3. If you’re are a parent or guardian, help your child keep their holiday wish list realistic and obtainable. This will not only ease your shopping experience but also help your child understand what their expectations should be (especially if they are younger in age). For example, if your child wants a pony but lives in a busy city, try explaining why that may not be a type of pet they can have. This also helps reduce the chance of disappointment when their gift request can’t be fulfilled.
  4. Don’t leave your shopping until the last minute. Remember, the closer it gets to the holidays, the busier shopping centers will be. Get it done early!
  5. To avoid the parking lot zoos, try having a friend or loved one drop you off/pick you up at your desired shopping location. This will not only save you a lot of time, but also save you some aggravation. Keep calm and shop on.
  6. Try to ‘hide’ the majority of your gifts in the same spot/room. Things can get hectic enough during this time of year.


Travel during the holidays:

Just like the shopping centers, the roads and highways can be just as frustrating and difficult to use at this time of the year. It’s busy; the weather is often slick and many travellers are in a hurry to get where they need to go. This can sometimes lead to poor trip planning, or even reckless driving.

  1. Plan your route ahead of time and plan 1 or 2 alternate routes to account for traffic. This will help you keep your schedule, and keep you safe.
  2. Make a list of what you need to bring the night before your trip and check it twice! Check the items off your list as you pack them in the car to ensure nothing is forgotten.
  3. Leave EARLY. During the winter season, especially around the holidays, roads can become more dangerous not only because of weather, but the sheer volume of travellers. Give yourself plenty of time to make the trip.
  4. Listen to the radio for weather and traffic updates so you can be prepared.
  5. If you live in areas prone to snow fall, make sure you have your winter tires on before travelling. Safety first!
  6. If the weather is too bad (heavy snowfall, sleet etc.), just stay home! No one wants to cancel holiday plans, but if your safety is at risk, it’s worth it to reschedule.


Holiday Recipes:


Whether you are attending a potluck dinner at your office or with your family and friends, or if you just enjoy being in the kitchen, we’ve found some great holiday recipes to help get you inspired to create a little holiday magic this season.

Peppermint Meringues –

A simple, light and sweet treat with a bit of bite. Delight your friends and loved ones with these peppermint clouds.




Soft Sugar Cookies

These delicious cookies make a great base for all your great holiday cookie ideas. These super simple cookies can be decorated many creative ways. The only limit is your imagination!

Seen below, soft sugar cookies decorated as melting snowmen.