Paul works for a grocery supply chain warehouse. He works with multiple drivers each day preparing, packaging and loading palettes onto the trucks. They work together in order to ensure that our stores are stocked with what we need everyday.


Q – How has the COVID-19 crisis affected the day to day operations in your workplace?

A – We are being very cautious. Right now we are required to wear masks and gloves on the floor and we do temperature checks at the start of each shift. It can obviously be difficult to practice perfect social distancing in the warehouse, but we have made some changes to help with that too. Before, we would have teams of 4 that would work together to pack and load palettes, but now we are doing it in teams of 2. We also have limits on how many people can be in the break room at one time. We are trying to do everything we can to keep everyone safe.


Q – Are the truck drivers generally accepting of these new health and safety practices?

A – Yes. Most of the time there in no real need for them to come inside, but if for whatever reason they do, I’ve never seen anything but compliance. They just want to be safe too. Most of our drivers already wear masks and gloves and soon as they step out of their truck. Honestly, they probably understand the benefits of following these precautions more then a lot of the regular citizens.


Q - What do you think when you hear about truck drivers being mistreated during this global crisis because they are considered to work in a ‘higher risk’ profession?

A – I mean, I think it’s ridiculous. Many people right now are working in a high-risk situation and are being looked at in a positive way, but it seems with truck drivers, people are more concerned about the possible transfer of the virus and less about treating them like people. These drivers are working incredibly hard right now to make sure our stores are stocked with all the products we need to stay safe and stay home. People are showing appreciation to store employees and other essential workers but it’s like they forget about the truck drivers who are equally important in the whole process.


Q – What has your experience been like working with your company’s drivers?

A – All of the people that I’ve worked with have been great. They have been friendly and polite, and understanding if there were any delays on our end, which is always appreciated. Our drivers have always been easy to work with.


Q – Is there anything you would like to say to the all the truck drivers working through this pandemic?

A – I just want to say thanks. I see how hard you are working, and I appreciate it. Society relies on hard working people like you through these crazy times.